Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!

We have enjoyed the snow days this week so far Kaden will be enjoying his third day off from school tomorrow due to the weather. On Monday we bundled up the boys and took them sledding. Karson loved going down on the sled and Kaden went back out a second time with Tim to sled down some bigger hills. Monday night we got some more snow. I am loving the snow!

Pictures from the first snow in December...

Karson was determined to hit Tim with a snowball.


I told Kaden he looked like Shaun White he said "you can call me Kade White".

It's fun going down but a long trip back up.
Kaden and Jace decided to go down together.
They crashed pretty fast and ended up like this.
At one point Kaden had snow on half his face and still didn't want to stop.
Tim snow boarding.

Tim and Kaden flying down the hill.

Karson patiently waiting his turn.