Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last week my wonderful Mother- in-law also known as Grannie watched the boys so Tim and I could take a vacation. The boys had so much fun I do not even think they missed us. Thank you so much Grannie!

Our first stop was Longview for Jason and Natlie's wedding. It was beautiful and it was nice to see everybody. After the wedding we were on our way to Tennesee. We pulled an all nighter and by that I mean Tim drove and I slept. We arrived in Tennesee early the next morning. We had so much fun river rafting 2 days in a row, mountain biking, and hiking to a waterfall.

I cannot take credit for these pictures. They were taken by Lisa and I stole them from facebook with permission from her. I now know to pack disposables and actually take pictures on a trip with water and other kinds of activities that you shouldn't take a digital camera to.

This was taken before we got into the boat the first day.
I was so scared but I faced my fear and loved it.
The whole group before we hit the river.

The river in a calm part.

Me drinking Joe's mix of a lemonade and tea mixture.

Tim and Joe

Our group mountain biking.

I loved getting to know this group of people!

I had a blast and faced alot of fears. It was a great trip and I came home with so many great memories.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Water Day

Karson's class had water day. It was right outside my classroom window so I got to watch and take pictures.

The whole class was waiting on their towels. Kars looks grumpy.

There was lot of running.

Kars was the first ready to go.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Plans

With Kaden out of school for the summer and some extra free time I had a list of things I wanted to do.

- Six Flags
- Splash Pad
- Toy Story 3 - Check
- Rainforest Cafe
- Ride the train to Fort Worth
- A Rangers Game
- A Longview visit

School is going to start before I know it. I have to start planning to fit all this in 1 month. We have been going to the park and library every week but thats really it. I did get some pics of some summer fun.

Karson has been trying to climb this all summer by himself and keeps trying. I still have to assist at the top. Every time he gets to the top he says "I did it".

I have enjoyed Kaden being out of school this summer it has just been flying by and its almost time to go back. I plan to make the most of this last month together with a little free time we do not get during the school year.