Monday, March 29, 2010

Much needed hair cuts.

I decided it was time for some hair cuts. Kaden has graduation pictures tomorrow and with Easter this weekend it was time.

I had decided to get all of Karsons hair cut off and have a really short hair style for a while because he hates to have it fixed and has been walking around with bedhead for weeks. I wimped out and knew I would shed tears if I did so I just had it trimed.

Snow Days

When we moved to Garland in August Kaden asked me if it snows here. I told him I have lived in Texas my whole life and it doesn't snow very often. I can only remember it snowing once in Longview while we lived there. There is no way I could have predicted that this year would be a record snow year. I was very wrong and each time it has snowed Kaden says "I thought you said it doesn't snow here". I love snow and I'm happy to say I was wrong.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I have been unpacking everything we haven't seen in 7 months from storage. The boys have been playing with all the toys they had forgotten about.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Kaden has a tummy bug. My goal today was to make him rest and keep him hydrated. We watched some movies this morning while he rested. Then Uncle Thomas and Aunt Appy came over after church. Uncle Thomas played Wii and watched Ninja Turtles with Kaden. This afternoon Kaden requested to play with his Lego's. Kaden made the masterpiece in the above photo. He is a awesome kiddo.

I am so thankful for Tim who got up at 3am to help clean up throw up and took this awesome picture. I am so blessed.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It has been a tough couple of weeks.

For about a year now I have had a lot of neck pain and a stiff neck off and on. I just thought it was because I carried around a 30 pound child or was sleeping wrong. My self diagnosis made sense to me. Around August right after we moved I started having weird symptoms with numbness, tingling, and burning on the left side of my head, around my neck and down my arm along with more neck problems. I went to the doctor after a few days and was told it was stress from moving and all the changes in my life that just happened. From August till a few weeks ago I just tried to ignore it and hoped it would go away since it was suppose to be stress. Tim encouraged me to see another doctor so I made the appointment. My new doctor was very concerned about my symptoms using the words cancer and tumor. I had some xrays and my doctor said she didn't like what she saw on them and used the words cancer and tumor again and scheduled a mri of my brain and c-spine and sent home to wait. I had my MRI on Monday. It was my first MRI and a very strange experience. After I was finished the tech said you should hear from your doctor in 24-48 hours. It was a tough wait. I got a call this afternoon that I am cancer free and tumor free. I was diagnosed with DDD Degenerative Disk Disease. The disk in my spine showed degeneration which is causing problems and damage to my nerves. I am being referred to a Orthopedic Surgeon for injections in my spine. I was so relieved I didn't have a tumor or cancer I got off the phone to tell Tim and then had a ton of questions. I am so relieved but also have a ton of questions.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm back to the blogging world.

I have missed blogging so much. Time to catch up.

In August we said goodbye to our first home, LFA and all our friends in Longview.

We packed up and moved to Garland

Kaden had his first day of school.

We celebrated Kaden's 5th Birthday

In September...

Karson said goodbye to his paci and started going to MDO with Mommy a few days a week.

In October...

We went to the fair.

Enjoyed PDF night

Raphael and Woody went to the fall festival.

In November...

I didn't take any pictures.

In December...

Karson turned two and we had a farm party at Grannie and Papa's farm.

Kaden was in the school Christmas program.

Had lunch with Nita and Jericka at Dairy Palace.
Kaden was in the kids Heir Force Christmas program.

Went to see Santa.

Christmas 2009

Took the boys to Northpark to see Trains.

In January

Caught the boys sitting together on the couch.
In February.

Kaden had a Valentines party at school.
In March...

The boys now have a bunkbed.

Karson's first night in his big boy bed.