Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I have been making better food choices and working out. I found these a few weeks ago. I love chocolate and really enjoy Girlscout Thin Mints these mini delights are the closest thing I have found to thin mints. I can have one serving of these for a quick snack and it doesn't mess up my daily allowed Fat grams.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kaden's report card came in and he did a great job. For his reward I took him out for frozen yogurt. Orange Leaf is a self serve frozen yogurt place. You pick the flavor then add any topping you want.
Kaden choose peanut butter, chocolate, and cookies and cream.

Karson choose chocolate.

Kaden's bowl when he was finished making all his choices.

The boys loved it. Kaden asked to go back for his Birthday. I love the chairs and tables at Orange Leaf they are kids sized and that they have many non fat flavors to choose from. Kaden worked hard for his grades. I am so proud of our little dude.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The bus ride that didn't happen.

Karson has been asking to ride the bus so I set it up for him to ride the bus to school a couple of times a week. The day of his first bus ride Karson stood at the door saying "School bus where are you?". He was so excited about riding the bus we went outside to play and wait for the bus.

The bus came and Karson was so excited he put his backpack on and then got on the bus. The bus driver encouraged me to come on and see the car seats. Right when Karson got on and looked around panic set in. I don't see this side of Karson very often he is a couragous little guy most of the time. After 10 min of encouraging and Kars attached to me like glue I decided to just take him to school myself. I apologized to the bus staff but they wanted to try again after school. All the way to school Karson said "Mommy no school bus I wanna ride with you". When it was time for Karson to get out of school I kept my phone close. I got the call from Karson's teacher that he didn't want to ride the bus. I picked him up from school and decided to cancel the whole bus deal. I didn't even want him riding the bus since we live so close to the school but if he wanted to I was willing to let him try so I had no problem canceling it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On the last day of Spring Break.

The boys had some spending money burning a hole in their pockets. Tim and I took them to Target to do some shopping and for Slurpee's. The day was so nice today so I unpacked, organized and went through the boys summer cloths and am so relieved the boys are pretty set on cloths and just needing a couple of things (mainly Kaden the boy will not stop growing). After dinner we went to the park.

Spring Break is over and it was fun. We are almost back to normal the boys have been extra tired this week. Just a couple of days until the weekend.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On the 6th day of Spring Break.

The boys went swimming.

Karson had so much fun. Karson didn't stop kicking until his feet were out of the pool.

Kaden was able to stand up. He is growing up so fast.

After swimming Grannie took the boys to Mcdonalds for Happy Meals. We said our goodbye's to Grannie and Pawpaw last night. The were back on the road to Texas on Sunday.

Monday, March 21, 2011

On the 5th day of Spring Break.

Grannie and Pawpaw arrived! We ate at Gates for the 2nd time in a week but Im not complaining because it is that good.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

On the 4th day of Spring Break.

On St. Patricks day the Westport area of KC has a parade that goes right in front of our new location. CreativeCommunity.tv gave away free bottled water, free balloons, and free art projects for kids. This was our first outreach. It was so exciting to see our new location packed with people. I dressed the boys in green and we spent most of the day at creativecommunity.tv till the boys got really grumpy and we went home. They had a long week of fun so they were really tired.
Karsee ready to go. The headpiece stayed on for 5 min.

Kadman, Karsee, and Caleb waiting for the parade.

and waiting some more.

Pictures from the parade.

The streets of Westport were packed!

Kaden helped give out water. So proud of my boy!

Lisa giving Kadman a hug.

The creativecommunity.tv made this a great event!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On the 3rd day of Spring Break.

We went to Kaleidoscope at Crown Center today.


The boys colored in a room where everything glowed and made and designed their own puzzles and did I mention it was free.

When we were done there we went to the crayola store and the boys created some more art.

Crown Center is one of my favorite places here in KC.
We ate lunch at Gates. Best KC BBQ!


Mark, Christy, and the Kevster.
After lunch we went to Paradise Park. Kaden and Karson played in the Foam Factory and a round of mini golf hockey.

Karson would push the ball to the edge of the hole and hit it in then jump up and down saying "Oh yea oh yea I di it". So much fun to watch my boys play.

On the last hole Kaden made a true hole in one and won a free round of mini golf.

The last event for the day that I even joined in on was The Foam Factory.
After a long fun day Caleb stayed the night with Kaden and Karson. All three boys were asleep pretty fast. I have enjoyed the visit and will miss my family when they leave to go home tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Looking forward to this!

On the 2nd day of Spring Break.

Our morning started out with a very excited little boy (Kaden) asking when our visitors would be here. Today was the day we have been waiting for and excited about for weeks. My cousin Christy, Mark, Christopher, Caleb, and Kevin were on their way to KC.

I started my day with a work out. Karson works out with me everyday.

The cousins arrived after lunch then we headed downtown to show them around KC and visited creativecommunity.tv's new space.

After dinner the boys enjoyed a movie, popcorn, and cookies.

Kevin and Christopher spent the night tonight. Christopher and Kevin were asleep in minutes and my boys were wide awake.
Looking forward to another fun day tomorrow.