Monday, October 18, 2010

Shopping Karson Style

Karson likes to get a basket to carry around while we are at the store he thinks whatever he puts in the basket he is getting. Our trip usually ends with dissapointment because he choices are usually too sugary or filled with High Fructose Corn Syrup ( a ingredient Karson cannot have) . My little shopper.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

This is old news but I am finally posting the pics. Before we moved I took Kaden and Karson to see Barney at the mall. Karson was excited but Kaden wanted to make sure I knew he was too old for Barney. I did notice him perk up when Barney came out and was saying hi to all the kids.

Kaden did stay strong and said he was too big to take a picture with Barney and offered to take pictures while I took Karson up to take a picture with Barney. He did a pretty good job!

Sprout TV gave us a free photo of the event. Karson gave Barney a high five and said Hi Barney. It was worth getting up early and waiting in a long line just to see Karson's face that day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kaden and Jace's school had a school night at Paradise Park. Since little kiddos already went last week Ronnin kept the little guys at home so I could take Kaden and Jace. We let the boys decide on one attraction and they ate for free! Jace and Kaden decided on the foam factory and a few tokens for games. The foam factory is a two story area with foam balls you can shoot with foam launchers (guns) and a huge thing in the middles that launches balls in the air so it rains hundreds of foam balls all over the place every hour. For the boys = fun, fun, and more fun.

The boys took a pizza break.

After they ate they played some games and found a game that gave out tons of tickets. Jace gave Kaden some good advice we should stick with this game because more tickets means bigger prize. They both had over 100 tickets from 8 tokens and were able to get a slinky and rockstar glasses.

Kaden enjoyed the night he saw some class mates and even ran and gave his teacher a hug. His teacher told me how sweet he is and I found out she is a christian and is on a worship team. I was also able to tell her about our Church plant.

Kaden: to all my friend's and family in Texas I love living in Kansas City , I love playing with my cousins and I am having so much fun. I love riding the bus. I love KC BBQ. Cannot wait to visit Texas miss you.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The wheels on the bus go round and round.

Kaden rode the bus home after school this week with Jace. I was so nervouse he would miss it and be waiting at school for me to pick him up. He made it home safely. He loved riding the bus but said it was bumpy.

He came running off the bus.

After school he said he needed some quiet time to look at a magazine.
Where did my little guy go?

So proud of Kaden he had a great first week of school and even got a good behavior ticket this week.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Paradise Park Learning Center

Ronnin and I took Justus and Karson to a awesome kids place here in KC called Paradise Park. It was free to kids in the program Parent are Teachers Wednesday. I will honestly say it is the nicest kids place Ive seen in a while. On one side they have a learnig center for little kids w outside playground, a few story high playhouse, fishing and inside a water room, tv room, village with grocery store, pizza place and dress up area, cooking area where kids make real food and eat it, craft room and a tunnel room with ball pit (Karson's favorite) and more and on the other they have games, foam factory, bumper cars, and miniature golf.

The cooking area built with little kids in mind it even includes
little sinks for kids and its just their size.

Karson and Justus are ready.

Karson didsn't want to assemble his apple treat he wanted to eat everything individually like his Mommy would do.

Justus made his smiley his. Its called a toothy smile .I also learned an interesting fact when you cannot brush your teeth a apple is the next best thing.
This treat was easy. Two apple slices with a little whitecream and small marshmellows for teeth.

Fishing pond. Karson wanted me to catch the plastic fish so he could throw them in.
I could'nt get Justus and Karson to pose at the same time.

Face painting Karson did not want to do it at first but finally wanted to do it with tears in his eyes.

Karson's favorite part and played this room twice.

After all the fun we had to run to the store for a few things before the older boys got out of school Karson fell asleep while I shopped.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Kaden started school today. He was a little nervous about his new school but faced it like a champ this morning. Karson and I had lunch with him and he was excited about his day.

Tim and I are a part of a team planting a church in Westport MO. I'm very excited about this new adventure. Last week we packed up everything and moved from Garland Texas to Missouri. I am so excited about what God wants to do in Westport. We launch in November. Check out the church plant at .

The boys and I made it a road trip. Traveling with a six year old means lots of pitstops along the way. First stop Steak and Shake with my little brother Nathan.

My little bro Nathan saying goodbye.

After lunch with Nathan the GPS was set on KC Missouri. We stoped in McAlester OK for some Mcdonalds for dinner.

And after many pit stops we arrived in KC Wednesday night.
We have been in KC almost a week and looking forward to being a part of a team that is going to do great things in Westport for God.

Kaden is sad OU beat Texas Saturday.