Friday, August 21, 2009


Today we pack up a moving truck and will be leaving for Garland. It's been a very very busy week. Sunday LFA had a reception for us. I hugged and said goodbye to many people I have had the pleasure to get to know the last 5 years in Longview. We spent a few days in Garland getting all the last things settled there for the move plus Kaden's K-5 orientation for school. Wednesday night we came home. I packed and packed. Thursday ran a ton of errands and spent most of the day on the phone and enjoyed a night with our music team saying goodbye, ate some great food, hugged, and cried. Packed, packed, packed and now we are heading to Garland. We have a busy few days ahead of us. This Sunday is our first service and Monday is Kaden's first day of school and Friday is my little guys special day. Kaden is turning 5. I may be out for a few days but will be back soon.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Packing Packing Packing

It hit me this morning that next week I will not be living in my house anymore. I finally got the packing bug today. This has been a busy week of getting everything ready for the move and school shopping for Kaden. I have to admit I did 90% of it online. Well I have to get back to packing.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spaghetti Night

It's been a rough couple of days for Kars. I have to admit I have enjoyed rocking him to sleep and all the cuddling he has needed. His doctor gave him a new medicine to see if we can keep him infection free for a while.

Even though Karson was tired and had a fever he enjoyed his spaghetti tonight with a smile.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Moving Sale or Garage Sale Tips

I had a moving sale this weekend. I have been cleaning out and had some junk to sale. What didn't sell is going to a couple of places.

Since I have lived in Longview I have had a couple of sales a year. They have been a great source of extra cash so I can buy stuff for the boys when they need some things.

Some Great Tips....

- If you have young kiddos especially around Kaden's age its good to keep them involved. Kaden is really good about letting me get rid of some of his old and unused things. We always have an agreement that he will get some extra money usually $10.00 to spend how he wants for his stuff.
- Place an ad. I have found great success in placing an ad in the paper for each sale I have. The investment is worth it. Most of my customers come because of the ad not the signs I put out.

- Put signs out. I put signs out on all the busier roads leading to my home.

- Keep it organized and clean. Nobody wants to dig trough your stuff when its just thrown around.

-Price everything. Some people use a coding system. This red is a dollar and yellow 50 cents. I have also used the garage sale stickers from the store 300 for 2.50.

- Price it to go. Price it reasonable or you will be left with it at the end of your sale.
- It's also a great way to meet your neighbors.
I have met most of mine this way.
This was my last sale in Longview :( .... Goodbye Longview I will miss you.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Please keep the door shut.

Lately I everytime I pass the pantry door it is open. Each time I close it I think everybody knows to keep this door shut so Karson doesn't get into everything. Well today I witnessed the suspect in action.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

20 Months

You are 20 months old today. You are an awesome little guy. Easy going but also live up to your nickname bear. You look up to your big brother and want to do everything he does. Before I know it you will be 2 years old. I love you so so much. Happy 20 month birthday Karsee.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is my brother Nathan's Birthday. He is 18 today. I was 10 years old when he was born and I still remember that day. We didn't know if he would be a boy or a girl and my brother Thomas and I had our guesses or wants to which we preferred to have I wanted a little sister. I think we also looked forward to a promise of a bunk bed because one of us would have to share a room. I was disappointed with the news of a little brother until I got a glimpse of him a few minutes later and I loved my lil bro from the start. I am so glad I was wrong because I would not change it for anything. It was also nice being the only girl too. Love you bro. Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

From your favorite nephews....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tim's words.

Tim's words about our last 5 years.

Saying Goodbye

In just a few short weeks we will be saying goodbye to Longview. We have accepted a position in Garland. We are very excited about the opportunity but on the other hand it is very hard to say goodbye.

The past few weeks have made me very sentimental. Ive been thinking alot about our life here the past 5 years.

I remember... the day I got a call from Tim telling me about his call from Pastor Carter and how Tims brother had sent his resume without him knowing.

I remember... thinking where is Longview and what kind of town is Longview.

I remember... driving through it for the first time and it was love at first sight.

I remember... getting the final call that we would be moving after thinking we were too young to have this opportunity.

I remember... that I was almost about to pop with Kaden when we moved here.

I remember... how LFA just loved on us and supported us and continued to do so through our 5 years here. We have grown so much over the time we spent here.

I remember... when we bought our first home here in Longview.

I remember... how we welcomed Karson to our family here in Longview.

I remember... the first time I met our friend Ms. Anita. How she came to the hospital to see Kaden when he was born. How she changed his diaper for the first time. How she paid us JK to watch Kaden the first time. How she rearranged her schedule when I was working and Tim was out of town and Kaden was really sick to watch him for me. How I have enjoyed our many lunches together. There are so many memories I have with this friend of mine and I will miss her.

I remember... watching the music team form and change and take shape. How this team supports and loves my husband and my family and how they work hard to honor Tim on his birthday. A wife of someone in ministry could not ask for a better team to support and love Tim.

We will truly miss Longview and the people we have met and love.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hey you with the red shirt on.

A couple of days ago we rented the Jonas Brother's concert movie. When I walked by Kaden was hiding behind the ottoman and looked scared. When I asked what was wrong he explained to me that at the end of the movie Joe Jonas says hey you out there with the red shirt on can you refill my popcorn. I looked at him puzzled and rewinded the movie. To my surprise Joe Jonas walks up to the camera and points out and does exactly what Kaden explained. The funny thing is Kaden was actually wearing a red shirt and now thinks he can be seen by the Jonas Brothers.

The Boardwalk

On Friday we took the family to The Boardwalk. We made our regular visit to the Bass Pro Shop where they have Alligators on display.

Kaden test drove all the boats.

After we were finished at the Board Walk we enjoyed a nice dinner at Cracker Barrel.

The boys tried out the rocking chairs and Kaden got his first set of toy soldiers.

In just a few short weeks our fun Fridays will be different when Kaden's starts school.