Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On Vacation

We left a few days ago for our summer vacation. Having some downtime with the family.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Birthday Countdown

Every year for the past few years Kaden starts planning his birthday about 2 months before the big event. We are a few days from the 2 month mark but I went ahead and made it early. This year we will also add first day of school to the countdown. It's hard to believe my little guy will start Kindergarten this year.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fresh from the garden.

For dinner Tim grilled steaks and hotdogs. They were so good. While he was grilling I cooked some fresh from the garden veggies we had been given this week from some friends at church.

Our friend Ms. Anita made some Salsa fresh from her garden. That ended up being my appetizer and a late snack. It was delicious.

We used almost everything. We cut up the cucumbers to go in our salad and I made some fried or sauteed (not sure what I technically did) squash with onions. I do not usually eat squash but it was good. I used a food network recipe.
I am enjoying summer.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

He's a goner...

A few weeks ago a lady in our church gave Kaden a baby bird egg that she found to take care of. She told him to be careful with it and he was. He handled it with care and we put it in a pot outside. He has checked it often but I had to dispose of it the other day because it started getting rotten. Today while he was outside with me he went to check on it and asked where it was. I said " it must have hatched and flew away". He looked at me with a I am not buying it look and said "baby birds need a mommy when they hatch and can not fly. He was a goner". He was fine with his conclusion and went on playing. I guess he is ok with the circle of life.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy week ahead..

I worked on the yard a little bit this morning until I could not stand the heat anymore. Now I am working on non- heat inside things in the cool air of the house.

We have a busy week this week. The next 3 nights I am overseeing the nursery department at Campmeeting.

I have also diagnosed myself. I have officially hit a blogging slump. I got nothing lately. Absolutely nothing. Believe me I am trying. I just know that you do not want to read about my yard work everyday.

If anyone has any idea's I would love them.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yard Work

The last few days I have been working in my flower beds. This yard work stuff is new to me. Growing up I wasn't allowed to help in the kitchen and my family didn't have a landscaped yard. The yard was mowed and that was it and that was not a girls job. When I got married I had to teach myself how to cook. My Nanny showed me a few things growing up about cooking but I really had to teach myself how to grocery shop, clean the house, and cook. So when I put clean out and fix flower beds on my list I knew it would be a learning process. I bought lawn bags, gloves, and a small shovel. When I first started I hated it MAN was it hot outside and full of bugs and dirt. I also give myself 30 min at a time and then take a break. I will admit I am getting the hang of cleaning them out now I have down a system. It's a slow system but it is working for me. I have also enjoyed being outside and the noises of outside. Another plus is my neighbor came by and spoke with me a little and gave me some pointers. So I think once I get these flower beds done cleaned out which go around most of my house I may be encouraged to plant something in them too. I am excited to get to post before and after pictures soon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I blogged back in December about how Kaden fell in love with Lego's at his Grannie's house. When we got home we bought him a few sets and when he got home it just was not as exciting as Grannie's. The other day we went to the Lego store and found a Lego pad for Kaden. Since we have been home he has been playing for hours everyday with them.

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Phone

My new phone should be in today. It has been good for me to unplug from twitter and texting but I have felt really out of touch with everyone.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some of my favorite things...

MY boys.... Tim, K-dog, and Kars bear.

I love this place. I always get the spicy shredded beef crunchy taco's.

We ate at Pei Wei this week. For the first time we ordered Minced Chicken Lettuce wraps and Mongolian Beef. It was so good.

I have been enjoying Starbucks tea's lately. The passion tea is my favorite.

I have been putting Crystal Light On The Go Energy packets in my bottled water this summer. With 5 calories it gives me the afternoon boost I need.

It's been a week since I have worked out but I have been doing the 30 day shred 3 days a week. I am feeling better and hope to see results soon.

I love these things I know they have been out a while but I just discovered the greatness of these sponge like cleaners. Add water and your ready to go.

I found these a few years ago. I always make sure I have some around.

Friday, June 12, 2009

District Council

This week we were in Waxahachie Texas for District Council. The boys and I spent alot of time at the hotel and then went to services at night. Kaden loved kids council and even cried a little when we told him it was over. The hotel was very kid friendly too.

Housekeeping would leave the toys in neat ways for the boys.

Kaden was excited about the pool. I have to admit that I only took them once. Kaden was jumping in and Karson hated the water so I was not willing to go through that adventure again.

Every afternoon the Hotel would have snacks, cookies, and drinks. We went every afternoon.

I know I just posted about our hotel stay but that is all I had from this week. We only went to Target a couple of times and to lunch everyday. Some would say it was boring but I enjoyed it. Who can complain about not having to cook and having your cleaning done for you a couple of days.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I had my cell phone for 18 months and it died today. The reason I know how long is that
it came in the mail the day Karson came home from the hospital. All my phone numbers are gone. My planner is gone so if I forget about something please forgive me. I keep reaching for it trying to send a text or to read twitters and realize its gone.
On another note we are at the Assemblies of God District Council this week. The service was great tonight. I was nervous about tonight with the service running late with the boys but the boys handled it well with only a few whines and one fit. I consider that good. My Nanny and sister-in-law came to have lunch with us today and then ice cream. It was nice to get to spend some time with them . It's late and I am really tired. Good night.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

18 Months

Happy 18 month Birthday
Little Bear, Kars Bear, Kars, Karsee, Karsdog, Karson

Friday, June 5, 2009

1st LFA Block Parta

The block party was so much fun. I am excited about this outreach for the summer.

New Shoes

Kaden has needed some new shoes. He really loves Vans and Converse and it was time for some new shoes.He has been wanting to wear his high top converse with all his shorts. Not going to happen. I will admit I was not going to battle him a few times and let him wear them with shorts but only a few. I started shopping online and found Children's Place had some wannabe red slip on converse for 10.00 so I ordered them and while shopping a little in Tyler yesterday Tim found some wannabe vans at Old Navy for 10.00. Kaden was excited about his new shoes and I am excited about the price for 2 pair of summer shoes that I will not mind him wearing out before school starts when he will need many things for school and his birthday. ALL AT ONCE.

Kaden also stopped and put a pair on Karson. It was big brothery and so sweet to watch.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tyler Zoo

We went to the Tyler Zoo today it was a fun day!

While we were in the gift shop Karson put this snake around his neck and walked around with it.

Karsee and his blankie.