Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shoes Shoes Shoes

I have been shopping for some shoes for Karson.

Karson really wanted some green rain boots.

But Mommy got him his first pair of converse. When I got them out tonight to let him get used to wearing real shoes he was so excited and did not want to take them off for his bath. Kaden put his on too. .

This last shot looks inspired by Gypsy Feet. I love Gypsy Feet.

Good Find - Avent

I love Avent products. I have brand loyalty to this company. When Kaden was a few weeks old and very colicy I was told about this brand of bottles and cups and bought a few within days his colic was gone and he was a much happier baby. With Karson I had the bottles ready and bought a few Avent accessories. Karson preferred another form of feeding so I never used the bottles and passed them along to friends when Karson moved on to cup.

I love these cups they are pretty much spill proof unless the sippy part wears out. It is the only one out of dozens I have found that fullfills the no-spill promise. The disign is great and easy for your child to hold onto and it comes in two great sizes.

I love Avents design how the bottle and cup tops can interchange for the training process from bottle to cup.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Great Birthday

I had a wonderful Birthday yesterday my guys made it a very special day for me.

I woke up to Kaden sitting next to me in bed singing Happy Birthday. Kaden then told me to close my eyes and lead me down the hall and to the kitchen where I was surprised with a Birthday chair and decorations.

My Birthday chair.

I got Kaden to school and then came home to a delivery of Birthday flowers from my Dad. My diningroom smells like spring.

Karson and I headed to the mall. I did some Birthday shopping for the rest of the morning till Karson started twirling around in the stroller with the seat belt on and doing back breakers. I knew it was time to go.
After I picked up Kaden from school the boys and I went to the Butcher Shop. They have the best desserts. We all got our favorites. Kaden picked a Speedracer cupcake and we requested the cupcake with Speedracer on it but when we got to the car it was the wrong one which triggered a after school + tired = meltdown. It fizzled out pretty fast. I was not willing to go back in as it is work getting everyone back into the car and buckled and it was raining.
We went to Shogun for an awesome dinner. I have to say that Shogun is really kid freindly. Our cook/chef was very nice and saw how fast Kaden ate his broccolli and went back to the kitchen and got some more and cooked it for him. Kaden also got to throw the egg for the fried rice.
As Tim would say "I threw down or killed some steak, fried rice and veggies". It was a very nice dinner and will be enjoyed tonight as well. The portions are huge.
My guys!

I loved the cute drink. No it is not from the bar but it was cute.
Kaden loves cherries.

I thought this was funny. I think he thought I had given him milk instead of juice.

It was a wonderful Birthday. Thank you everyone for all of the nice messages and comments. It was truly a special day.

Banana Baby

Karson has recently discovered that he loves bananas. When we walk by the banana display at the store he does whatever he can to get my attention to make sure we put them in the buggy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Since my Birthday falls in the middle of the week this year it's just going to be a regular day today except for a few extras.

Take Kaden to school.
Pick up some more paperwork to register Kaden for school.
Stop by the party store to pick up a few things for the shower this weekend.
Pick Kaden up from school.
Head to the butcher shop to pick up my favorite dessert.
Have a good dinner with my family.
Eat dessert.

It will be a great day a simple day. I would not have it any other way.

I know this is a weird post I just didn't have any wisdomy (made up word) great thing to say so I thought I would just share my day with you.

A few April 28th facts and birthday sharing for you.

April 28 is the 118th day of the year (119th in leap years)

Famous People born on April 28th:

1758 James Monroe (5th US President)

Kurt Godel (mathematician)

1937 Saddam Hussein (former Iraqi President)

1950 Jay Leno (TV presenter)

1966 John Daly (American golfer )

1974 Penélope Cruz (actress)

1981 Jessica Alba (actress) Same day same year.

On This Day In History:

Maryland is 7th state to ratify the US Constitution.

1789 Fletcher Christian leads the mutiny on HMS Bounty.

1952 US military occupation of Japan ends.

1965 US invades the Dominican Republic.

1969 Charles de Gaulle resigns as President of France.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Paperwork, Documents, and Life Records

It's that time. Time to register Kaden for kindegarden. I finally got a hold of the right people and got the information I needed. It was just in time because it is only a few days away. I have had to go all around town getting everything they need. I am almost done and can now prepare myself for this big moment that I am having a hard time with.

Long Lines and Free Food

Last night while checking the news website I saw that KFC was giving away a free piece of chicken to each customer. They have a new grilled chicken recipe. KFC will continue to serve the free chicken until tonight.

I ran a few errands with the boys this morning and then we headed to KFC for lunch. The drive thru was wrapped around the building but the parking lot did not look bad. When we opened the door the line was backed up to the door. I was determined to stay in line because I did not think the boys were up to getting back into the car and they were a little grumpy and hungry.

It did not seem like we waited long and got through the line pretty fast.


- I am happy KFC did this. There were many people there that had a break and a nice lunch with this economy.

- The new recipe is pretty good its baked. I liked it and Karson did too. Kaden had something off the Taco Bell menu.

- Lunch was cheap and easy.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garage Sale and Cuteness

I advertised a huge sale this weekend in the paper. Yesterday when we opened up at 7am and no one came for about an hour I thought wow what a waste of time. Then once school started we did not really have a time when no one was there. As soon as we opened this morning it was sprinkling but I had checked the weather on Wednesday and it was suppose to be in the 80's and beautiful. Well things changed and the weather just went down hill till I was drying everything off and getting not very good offers on the big stuff because it was wet.

We moved everything into the garage and then I finally remembered to take a picture for the blog. So this was my little sale today. I guess it was actually a garage sale today.

I finally packed everything up about 11am after cleaning and organizing the garage and storage building and only having a few customers.

The boys had fun playing outside yesterday.

After I finished getting everything ready for the sale on Thursday night I noticed the boys were extra tired from MDO. I think they made them run laps or something because I have not seen them this tired in a while. JK about the laps.
Karson sat in the chair drifting off to lala land with each picture I took the more sleepy he looked.

I do not think it took the boys 5 min before eyes were closed for the night on Thursday.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Break

I took another spring break this week. Karson is on the mend his cold is almost gone and I can tell his ears are not bothering him much anymore.

He is wanting his paci for comfort and does not have his energy back yet. He goes to his bed and moves things around till he can reach a paci and then comes in and after all that work I take it away. When I got him out of bed this morning he had one in his mouth and one in his hand for back up and mean Mommy took it away because he is only allowed to have them at bedtime. He also slept in this morning I had to wake him up to get him ready for MDO and he took a nap there and then came home and was ready for another nap.

I have been doing alot of spring cleaning and organizing this week to get ready for a garage sale. Kaden has had his eyes on me and is learning that two times a year Mommy cleans out the old and unused. He went outside and looked around at everything ready to sell and said " owe I remember that but I understand I do not use it anymore". He has a few things to sell and gets to keep the funds so he is excited to get to go shopping .

Going to bed I will have an early morning and busy weekend with the sale.

Monday, April 20, 2009

4 weeks give or take a couple of days.

As I posted yesterday Karson has been showing signs of another ear infection and thanks to the ear check scanner I got Karson into the doctor today. He has a cold and a double ear infection. Last Saturday was the 4 week mark since his last one.

Kaden had many ear infection and had to have tubes but he did not have his infections back to back this early.

Today our doctor and made a plan if these back to back infections continue and I am happy with it.

I have found and had 2 doctors tell me the same thing that the surgery for tubes needs to be late summer or early fall or winter.

We will be waiting to see once Karson gets all his teeth and he is almost there and the pollen that is thick and bad here goes and then if Karson continues to have ear infections we will be referred for tubes.

I agree and am happy with this plan. I know it sounds like I am pushing for tubes. Kaden has not had any more problems with his ears once he had the surgery. It is hard to see Karson sick like this so much.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Trip

We had a good visit. We are happy to be home.

On Tuesday night we had dinner with my Mom.

Spaghetti Face
Karson and Memaw
Kaden and Uncle Nathan
Let me just say I think Grandparents let the rules go. The boys are getting to play with my Dads collector Hotwheels that I was not allowed to play with growing up but got in trouble when I got caught. It is different with Grandchildren. The boys enjoyed going Pampas house.
When Kaden was born he was my Dads first grandchild. He really wanted to be called Pepaw but Kaden came up with Pampa and I think my Dad likes it better. He gets on the floor and lets them tackle him.
This is what I call the ugly chair. I think it dates back to the early 70's and is prob a antique. I grew up with it and it is quiet comfortable but very ugly. My boys love to sit in it. Deedee makes my Dad cover it with a blanket because she cannot get him to get rid of it. I think he would like to pass it down to one of his children one day. So Kat be ready to welcome it in your home. JK
Karson crawled up and let my Dad rock him for a while. He really enjoyed his time with his grandsons.
Kaden and Kevin had a sleep over.
Uncle Thomas is that Uncle that takes your nose and throws it away or tickles you till you have to go to the bathroom. He had a day off when I was there. Kevin was trying to save Kaden. He really does love his nephews and I can tell wants some little guys himself. Thomas even loaded up his car and between us we took 5 boys to Mcdonalds. The weather was so bad that day.
I think Kevin was tired of me taking pictures.
Thomas was protecting Karson from getting hit with the ball and making sure he got a ball back after he threw it.
Karson loved the play area that was just is size he wants to do exactly what the big boys do.
On Friday we met Grannie and Papa for dinner at Cracker Barrow is what Kaden calls it.
We enjoyed it and ate some great food.
After dinner the boys enjoyed the big country porch the weather had finally cleared for the day.
It is always nice to visit Dallas and see everyone but it is nice to be home. Now its time to recover. Time to do some laundry.