Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Sunday

My Sunday started great. I woke up on time and got ready for Church. The boys woke up in a good mood and we even left the house in time. Sunday morning went Ok. When I left Church I had my hands full so Tim said he would bring my bags home and be home soon. I remembered I was almost out of gas when I started driving home but remembered I left everything with Tim and decided to try to make it home. So while I was rushing home and right down the street from the house I ran out of gas at a red light in a busy intersection. Thankfully I wasn't in the middle of the road just at the light. Being 93 degrees outside and the boys and I in our Sunday cloths it was getting hot fast. I reached down to get my cell phone to call Tim. No cell phone. Thats when I started to worry. The other problem is that Tim takes a diferent way home than I do and had not left Church yet. So I turned on my hazzardous lights and tried to flag down anyone who looked like they would not harm us. Finally after 5-10 min. everything seems longer when your worried a nice lady stoped and let me use her cell phone. I called Tim which is the only number besides my home number I know. Everything is programmed in my cell phone so I dont have to memorize numbers. No answer from Tim because his ringer is still silent from service. I left him a panicked message. The lady then had to drive off because people were honking at her. So I was stranded for another 5-10 minutes alone till I saw a police officer coming down the road. I have never been so happy to have a police car pull up behind me and stop. The officer asked me a few questions and let me use his cell phone and still no answer from Tim and then asked me if I had anyone else to call. I finally found Tims bussiness card and called the Church. Still no answer. The officer then said I had to get a hold of someone or he was calling a tow truck. I asked to call one more time and Tim answered and said he was on his way. The officer then told me I had to get the boys out of the car because it was too hot for them so he got Kaden out of the car and I got Karson. Kaden loved the experience of seeing a police car up closeand personal. Tim then showed up and the officer said we had 5 min. to get gas in the car or he was calling a tow truck.. Which was qouted at almost 200.00. Thankfully we made it in time. Got home, loaded the car and headed 2 hours to my cousins wedding. Needless to say when we finally made it to the hotel and settled down we all crashed, well the parents did but the boys took a little longer.

I also want to include that I have only run out of gas one other time when I was 18.

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