Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quality Time

I have been spending alot of quality time with this little guy. It's just the two of us most days. At first when Kaden started school I could tell Karson missed his bother. He is getting into a routine now and enjoying all the toys. I think he also likes being the only child during the day too.
Karson is also feeling much better this week I can always tell when his antibiotic kicks in.
Since he is feeling better this week I started operation paci. Karson has had a paci his whole life he just fell in love with it and the paci thing has just gotten out of hand since we moved to Garland. I really didn't want to take it away with the transition of moving here but right after we moved he would ask for it all the time. I gave him a few weeks to get adjusted and not be in pain from an ear infection when I decided to take it away. Yesterday right after he woke up I took it and hid them. He only cried a little for it but did great yesterday afternoon and went to sleep without crying.

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