Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm back to the blogging world.

I have missed blogging so much. Time to catch up.

In August we said goodbye to our first home, LFA and all our friends in Longview.

We packed up and moved to Garland

Kaden had his first day of school.

We celebrated Kaden's 5th Birthday

In September...

Karson said goodbye to his paci and started going to MDO with Mommy a few days a week.

In October...

We went to the fair.

Enjoyed PDF night

Raphael and Woody went to the fall festival.

In November...

I didn't take any pictures.

In December...

Karson turned two and we had a farm party at Grannie and Papa's farm.

Kaden was in the school Christmas program.

Had lunch with Nita and Jericka at Dairy Palace.
Kaden was in the kids Heir Force Christmas program.

Went to see Santa.

Christmas 2009

Took the boys to Northpark to see Trains.

In January

Caught the boys sitting together on the couch.
In February.

Kaden had a Valentines party at school.
In March...

The boys now have a bunkbed.

Karson's first night in his big boy bed.


Lori said...

Hey Amy, so glad you are back to blogging! Karson is getting so big and grown up! And of course Kaden, can you believe he's almost done with Kindergarten?

Amy Gabbard said...

It is hard to believe.

Tim Gabbard said...

Loved the pictures!

Katherine Elam said...

Hey, glad to see you back to!! I enjoy your blogs. I need to get back to my own blog. Haven't been on there in 3 months!!

Grannie said...

Loved it all the pictures and updates...Welcom Back!