Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Need To Talk.

Tonight when we got home from church and everything settled down Kaden sat down by me and with the cutest voice said " Mommy we need to talk". This is how our conversation went.

Kaden: "Why was baby Jesus born in a stable with all the animals, why didn't his mommy just go to a hotel"?

Me: "Mommies do not know when there babies will be born and when Mary and Joseph tried to go to a hotel which was a inn back then they were all full so they had to go to a barn".

Kaden: Corrected me and informed me it was not a barn but a stable.

Me: " A stable is like a barn."

Kaden: "Why did they put him in the hay"?

Me: "They did not have a baby bed like we have for Karson so they had to gather hay and put it in a manger for baby Jesus to be comfortable".

Kaden: "Why did Mary and Joseph live in a barn"?

Me: "Mary and Joseph were just visiting Bethlehem, they had a home".

Kaden: "Did they have to put the manger with baby Jesus in it on the donkey because he does not come out"

This is when he held up the baby Jesus in our nativity scene.

I will never forget this Mommy Moment.


Holly Young said...

How sweet!! And best of all he is really understanding about the birth of Jesus!!

Katherine Elam said...

That is a sweet story. I don't think that you will forget that one.