Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why did I do it?

I haven't admitted it yet to Tim but I am sad about Karson's hair cut. The baby hair is gone. His baby curls are gone. He looks like a little boy not my baby. :(
It was a stressful experience because it was Karson's nap time. I asked for a trim for both boys but to keep it long. Kaden looks like he never had his cut even though an inch was cut off and Karson's hair looks a little short.
The cut
Karson was attached to Katherine who he met about 5 min. before his cut. She was also very helpful and offered to take the pictures.
The curls are gone... :(

As you can see the boys were thrilled about their haircuts.


Katherine Elam said...

Aww! Those pictures were precious. I will miss the baby curls to.

Lori said...

He looks so grown up with his new haircut! And so cute.