Friday, September 3, 2010


Right after Kaden's 5th birthday party Kaden announced for his sixth birthday he wanted a rockstar party. At that time it seemed so far away and its hard to believe its happened and already a memory. A great memory too!

Kaden's Birthday week started with a photo shoot. Our great friend's Rey and Debs did this for the Birthday guy.

Karson got into it too and started striking a pose.

Kaden started getting tired and worn out and it started going down hill. Kaden had been outside all day helping his Daddy and Papa build the stage.

Then he had a pep talk from Rey and Debs that rockstars don't cry and he had some poses left.

After the shoot the boys got to play on the playground.

On Saturday we had a rockstar party/concert for Kaden.

I have used this banner every year for Kaden since his 1st Birthday.



Kaden and his best bud Dawson rockin.

Karson even got some goodies. I think he thought it was his Birthday too.

Kaden's candle this year was a #6 sparkler.

I made the cake this year!

Once all the guests had left the party didn't stop we had to enjoy the awesome stage one more time.

I am so happy it came together and that so many of our friends and family got to celebrate a really cool little dude's Birthday with us.


Lori said...

Wow Amy, I said on Tim's blog that the party looked amazing and it does! I am so impressed that you made the cake. It looks great. And the stage is awesome. I love the last picture with Tim and the boys. The party will be a great memory for Kaden for years to come.

Grannie said...

Great Party!