Monday, September 6, 2010

The Cake

With alot of encouragement and a very good recipe with great tips from my sister-in-law Ronnin I decided to make the cake for Kaden's party. I could have done much better but for my first cake I was happy with it. I'm planning on taking a beginners cake decorating class soon. It was a slow process but I really did enjoy it.

I made two cakes with a pound cake recipe. Pound cake is easier to cut. Then I outlined the guitar with a cake writer.

Once it was cut I put it back in the fridge to cool.

I even tinted the icing yellow!

Every detail on the cake was candy.

It was gone in a matter of minutes after this picture was taken.


Lori said...

The cake looked amazing. I am so impressed that this is your first decorated cake to make.

What a great idea to take a cake decorating class. Do they offer those at Hobby Lobby? I'm sure it will be fun.

Holly Young said...

Love the cake!! You did a great job esp for your first attempt!