Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kaden and Jace's school had a school night at Paradise Park. Since little kiddos already went last week Ronnin kept the little guys at home so I could take Kaden and Jace. We let the boys decide on one attraction and they ate for free! Jace and Kaden decided on the foam factory and a few tokens for games. The foam factory is a two story area with foam balls you can shoot with foam launchers (guns) and a huge thing in the middles that launches balls in the air so it rains hundreds of foam balls all over the place every hour. For the boys = fun, fun, and more fun.

The boys took a pizza break.

After they ate they played some games and found a game that gave out tons of tickets. Jace gave Kaden some good advice we should stick with this game because more tickets means bigger prize. They both had over 100 tickets from 8 tokens and were able to get a slinky and rockstar glasses.

Kaden enjoyed the night he saw some class mates and even ran and gave his teacher a hug. His teacher told me how sweet he is and I found out she is a christian and is on a worship team. I was also able to tell her about our Church plant.

Kaden: to all my friend's and family in Texas I love living in Kansas City , I love playing with my cousins and I am having so much fun. I love riding the bus. I love KC BBQ. Cannot wait to visit Texas miss you.

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