Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monday Kaden came home with his first loose tooth. He has been waiting for a loose tooth for a long time. Tuesday he came home from school upset and complaining about neck pain. Thursday I turned the big Three-O and I spent the day exactly how I wanted like any other day but with a few special treats. I spent the morning working on my to-do list. Then had lunch with Ronnin, Karson, and Justus and enjoyed some low fat frozen yogurt at Yogurtini with Ronnin and Katie.

Friday morning I woke up at 3am and went downtown to Union Station here in KC to the Royal Wedding watch party with a group of friends. Union Station also has a Princess Dianna exhibit which features her wedding dress. I loved every minute of it!

When Kaden came home from school his tooth was almost out and with a little encouragement he pulled it out.

Before bed Friday night Kaden complained about neck pain. I gave him some motrin before bed which seemed to help. Saturday morning he was crying about how much pain he was in and also had a fever. I called his doctor's office and told the on call nurse about his symptoms. She advised me to go to a urgent care. Went to urgent care and was sent to Childrens Mercy hospital. The Dr at Childrens Mercy felt a large lump in his neck and noticed a head tilt and was concerned that he might have a tumor, staph infection or abscess that would need surgery. I had Karson with me and the doctor told me to call my husband and have someone pick up Karson because this could be serious. They did a strep test first. I was walking in the hall with Karson after Tim came and the doctor stoped me and said I was really hoping for strep this isn't good. A few doctors came in and asked us if we had any history of Lymph node disorders. After the CT scan and labs were done he was diagnosed with a infected lymph node which was the lump with swelling. He was put on a 7 day dose of antibiotics. I hadn't noticed the lump or swelling before the ER visit but when we got home Tim had me look at his neck and thats when I saw the swelling.

The infected side with the lump

The other side.

This morning was his follow up appointment. The doctor had the report from Childrens Mercy and then checked Kaden out and said that all the swelling was gone and the lump from the report is not there anymore and that his antibiotics worked really fast. Kaden went back to school and is playing outside right now.

Update on Karsee. He loves school ! I recently had our first goal meeting with his teacher and speech therapist. When Karson started school in February he was at a 15% accuracy in his articulation and is now at 55%. The whole meeting was good news and his teacher said he is the sweetest little guy. I'm enjoying each new word and phrase. He is like a sponge right now asking what everything is.

Karsee enjoying a picnic at the big fountain at the Plaza.

I want to say thank you to everyone who prayed for Kaden.

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