Monday, May 23, 2011

Tim's Birthday

The Rangers were here in KC playing the Royals on Tim's Birthday. A big thank you to Joe Gabbard for getting the tickets. It was a great game even though the Rangers Lost. The neat thing about the Kaufman Stadium is you can bring in all the water and food you can fit into a bag. I packed a feast hotdogs, peanuts, chips, and candy. I do love that at this stadium.

Kaufman Stadium

Kansas City is known for all the fountians.

Kaden loves icecream. Frozen custard is so good of course 2nd to frozen yogurt.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown were there.

Karson just wanted to see Snoopy and Charlie Brown from 10 feet away.

Karson playing the puttputt game. Kaden and Karson both won candy.

Eating the candy they won watching the team practice.

They saw a Ranger.

Kaden and I ready for a fly ball. A few came close one landing in the row right in front of me.

Karson was ready to but he kept saying "no more pictures".

It was a fun night. Im so glad Tim got to go I hope he had a wonderful Birthday.

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