Monday, August 25, 2008

Nap Mat Pattern -- Kindermat Cover Pattern

The supplies needed may be found at any fabric shop or even at Wal-mart or Target stores.

To make this a project to share with your child take them with you when you purchase your supplies. Let him/her pick out the design on the fleece they would most like.

The fleece material is a very soft material and very durable. It is a warm and cozy, brushed finish and does not pill.

If you want to add a pillow or small blanket the mat is designed so that when made you can roll it up and tie it closed, just put the other items inside and roll them up with it. The cover is also removable pillowcase design so that it can be washed anytime.

The mat is machine washable in cold water, on delicate, with no bleach, and just tumble it dry on low.

Supplies needed:

2 1/2 yds fleece (This is enough to make the cover a blanket and pillow)
2 1/2 yds solid color fabric
matching thread
sewing machine
2" wide ribbon in matching color 48" long
name tag
Kindermat (Can be found at Walmart or Target in the school supplies section.

1. Lay the 2 pieces of fleece on top of a table with outsides matching in . Cut the solid piece of fabric 52 1/2 x 21 inches and the Patterned piece 44 x 21.

3. Pin these all together.

4. Start at one corner and sew (on the machine) around but leave uneven side open

5. Fold solid piece 2 inches and pin on uneven side. Sew across. Fold again 8-9 inches and pin. Sew a temporary stitch on the long sides. It took me a few time to size it. This piece gives it a cover effect so the cover can be removed.

6. Fold patterned piece 1 inch and sew across. Fold patterned piece again to meet the edge of solid piece and sew the sides

7. Cut ribbon in half and sew on strips of ribbon.

8. Now roll up the mat and tie ribbon (by looping around itself).

If you want to add a permanent pillow just stitch on a small pillowcase to the end (that does not have the ribbon), sew on a couple snaps to keep the pillow from coming out and insert a small pillow.

For the blanket I used the left over pieces of each fabric. Lay the 2 pieces of fabric on top of a table with outsides matching in. Pinned and sewed around the blanket leaving 3 inches open. Turned it right side out and closed it with a stitch.

Take along the nap mat. All rolled up it's easy to carry around.


Grannie said...

So glad we could spend the time with you gusy!

Love ya


Lilyzmom said...

Thank you so much for this post!! I was looking at the kindermats for my daughter...and they are just so ugly :D and covers are ridiculously expensive. Even with my novice ability at the sewing machine, I think I can handle this.

Victoria said...

i am a little confused on the instructions. Is one side of the nap mat cover one fabric, and the bottom the plain?

Jenna said...

I am hoping to start working on this project this weekend. I just wanted to mention poly-fil on the supply list, but I don't see it anywhere in the instructions. Is that for the pillow? Also, in your picture, is the pillow sewn on as you mention in the instructions or separate? Thanks so much.