Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday With Camryn and Katie

This may be a long post.

Today seemed the fullest so far. We met Katie for lunch at Chickfila.

After lunch we went to Kidstation.

I know this is not the best picture but I am so proud of Kaden. He faced his fear and climbed up to the top to be with Camryn and Katie.

Katie won 7 to 0.

They look so tired.

After dinner we played a game called Encore. The players pick a card with a word or a category and have to sing a song with it or about it. I have learned two things playing this game tonight.
- The 50 plus Wiggles songs I know can be sung to almost every card.
- When you are playing a game against two people born in the late 90's do not sing a N'Sync song because you will get a blank look and loose a turn.
It was fun and we didn't want to stop but it was movie time.
Tim was so nice and rushed to rent a movie so we could have a movie night tonight. He also cleaned up dinner so I could get Karsee which is worn out from all the activities to bed. I am married to a great guy.


Grannie said...

Amy you are the best! I'm sure everyone is having a great time-especially Kaden! Have a great day and tell everyone I said hello!


AmyGabbard said...


Camryn says she is having a great time and Katie says hello too.

Julz said...

Hey, guys. It looks like you had a lot of fun. Encore sounds really fun. Thanks so much for letting Camryn hang out with Katie.

Way to go, Kaden! I'm proud that you were brave and climbed up really high with Katie and Camryn!!