Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Weekend

Mike, Julie, and Kaylin came in town for a visit this weekend. Julie and I took the kids to Kmart on Saturday while Tim and Mike played a round of golf. We met for dinner at Applbee's.

Last night Kaden had his last camp out with cousins for a while. Kaden said goodbye to Camryn and Kaylin today.

Today my Cousin Christy and my Sister-in-law Katherine came to visit for the day. We had a wonderful lunch at Posados and spent the afternoon together.
Kaden wanted to take a nap on the air mattresses before we put them away.

I am a little tired Karson had a hard time this afternoon. Both my boys are not feeling well.

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Grannie said...

Amy thanks again for opening your home to Camryn....hope the sickos are feeling better!!!! Love ya

Diane tell everyone Grannie says hello