Saturday, August 8, 2009

Moving Sale or Garage Sale Tips

I had a moving sale this weekend. I have been cleaning out and had some junk to sale. What didn't sell is going to a couple of places.

Since I have lived in Longview I have had a couple of sales a year. They have been a great source of extra cash so I can buy stuff for the boys when they need some things.

Some Great Tips....

- If you have young kiddos especially around Kaden's age its good to keep them involved. Kaden is really good about letting me get rid of some of his old and unused things. We always have an agreement that he will get some extra money usually $10.00 to spend how he wants for his stuff.
- Place an ad. I have found great success in placing an ad in the paper for each sale I have. The investment is worth it. Most of my customers come because of the ad not the signs I put out.

- Put signs out. I put signs out on all the busier roads leading to my home.

- Keep it organized and clean. Nobody wants to dig trough your stuff when its just thrown around.

-Price everything. Some people use a coding system. This red is a dollar and yellow 50 cents. I have also used the garage sale stickers from the store 300 for 2.50.

- Price it to go. Price it reasonable or you will be left with it at the end of your sale.
- It's also a great way to meet your neighbors.
I have met most of mine this way.
This was my last sale in Longview :( .... Goodbye Longview I will miss you.


bec said...

Hey, I heard you all were moving back. Congrats on the position and I'm sure you will both do well! Also, I love yard sales, but I've never had my own.

Jaime said...

I didn't realize you guys were moving! Where to? When?