Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On the 3rd day of Spring Break.

We went to Kaleidoscope at Crown Center today.


The boys colored in a room where everything glowed and made and designed their own puzzles and did I mention it was free.

When we were done there we went to the crayola store and the boys created some more art.

Crown Center is one of my favorite places here in KC.
We ate lunch at Gates. Best KC BBQ!


Mark, Christy, and the Kevster.
After lunch we went to Paradise Park. Kaden and Karson played in the Foam Factory and a round of mini golf hockey.

Karson would push the ball to the edge of the hole and hit it in then jump up and down saying "Oh yea oh yea I di it". So much fun to watch my boys play.

On the last hole Kaden made a true hole in one and won a free round of mini golf.

The last event for the day that I even joined in on was The Foam Factory.
After a long fun day Caleb stayed the night with Kaden and Karson. All three boys were asleep pretty fast. I have enjoyed the visit and will miss my family when they leave to go home tomorrow.

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