Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I have been making better food choices and working out. I found these a few weeks ago. I love chocolate and really enjoy Girlscout Thin Mints these mini delights are the closest thing I have found to thin mints. I can have one serving of these for a quick snack and it doesn't mess up my daily allowed Fat grams.


Dianna said...

WOW Just now got around to checking out your blog....thanks for posting all those pictures...everything looked great...still hard to believe the super parade for St. Patrick's Day!! The bus adventure is one only a mother can appreciate and a parable of life...we think we want something-get it and then realize NO..this is not what I want...but at least you were brave enough to let him try. So glad we got to see you guys and spend time with you....love you guys tell everyone hello

Majid Ali said...

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Amy Gabbard said...

Yes the bus ride is a lesson for both of us. Love it.