Friday, March 25, 2011

The bus ride that didn't happen.

Karson has been asking to ride the bus so I set it up for him to ride the bus to school a couple of times a week. The day of his first bus ride Karson stood at the door saying "School bus where are you?". He was so excited about riding the bus we went outside to play and wait for the bus.

The bus came and Karson was so excited he put his backpack on and then got on the bus. The bus driver encouraged me to come on and see the car seats. Right when Karson got on and looked around panic set in. I don't see this side of Karson very often he is a couragous little guy most of the time. After 10 min of encouraging and Kars attached to me like glue I decided to just take him to school myself. I apologized to the bus staff but they wanted to try again after school. All the way to school Karson said "Mommy no school bus I wanna ride with you". When it was time for Karson to get out of school I kept my phone close. I got the call from Karson's teacher that he didn't want to ride the bus. I picked him up from school and decided to cancel the whole bus deal. I didn't even want him riding the bus since we live so close to the school but if he wanted to I was willing to let him try so I had no problem canceling it.

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