Monday, March 17, 2008

2 Day

As of 6:00am this morning it had been 24 hours since Kaden was sick last. He slept through the night and was in a good mood this morning. So I decided to get the boy's and my brother Nathan out for a walk and pass out flyer's for the egg hunt Saturday.

We passed out close to 70 flyer's. Well I mean I walked and Nathan did most of it. He is so much help and never complains. Karson slept through the whole thing and Kaden helped with a few houses.

About half way through the trip Kaden started getting grumpy. That's when I realized he wasn't a 100% yet. By the time we got home he was almost in tears and wanted his cupee (cup). The cupee request usually means he's tired. He has been asleep for 4 hours.

OK I know I may be too old or Mommy's shouldn't do it. But I have a confession....


My brother Nathan brought it with him for the week. I am trying to play on the Medium level but I have the easy level down.

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