Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kidstation and the Circus

So yesterday we went to Kidstation. Kaden had so much fun.

For the first time he just took off and played and played he didn't even want to leave. He even got his face painted. He asked for a red car but had to settle for a basketball.

He was so tired when we got home, he was so tired and went to sleep in my lap at 6:30pm

Earlier this week I got some circus coupons in the mail. I thought it would be fun to go.

I thought it would be a little circus and not a big deal. Well I have to say... I WAS WRONG

We got there 15 minutes early.. We didn't make it to the first show.

We went and got some dinner and made it to the second show. Kaden and Karson loved it...

We were 3-4 feet from where all the entertainers came out. We had good seats.

It's 11:30pm I'm tired and going to bed... Spring Break video to come.....

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