Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am excited about the month of August and what it includes. My niece Camryn is coming to visit and we are excited.

Kadens birthday is coming up and School is starting.

Today Kadens school information came in the mail. I took him to Target and we got his supplies knocked out. Kaden was so excited when we got home tonight that he spread everything out on the floor to look over it. If you have noticed this year he has a race car theme.

The other big news today is that Karson has concurred grabbing food and putting it into his mouth. It doesn't sound like much but it is a big milestone for a baby. Today he ate his baby puffs and Vietnamese noodles. He actually cried for more noodles. He loved them.

So it is time to start introducing him to finger foods.


Grannie said...

AMY love keeping up with ou guys! I can count on you to always post something about the boys..Karson is too cute! What a milestone with the finger foods. His cousin Justus loves to eat the finger foods and I think makes meal time more interesting (aka food everywhere :) But I think the little guys actually feel more a part of meal time) Thanks for posting this 'milestone'.


I am wondering if you guys are still going to try to come in this weekend???

Grannie said...

Kaden..I'm excited for you! You will love school ...Hugs and kisses


Julz said...

I can't believe Kaden will be in school this fall. I think he's going to love it! The race car theme is a winner.

Little Karsee is growing up so fast. Pho today and Starbucks tomorrow???

Love it!