Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Threw In The Towel Tonight

I took Kaden to Hancock Fabrics to pick out what fabric he wanted today.
He carried the bag out of the store and called it his groceries.

This is the design Kaden picked.

When we got home I went out to our storage building and got out all the sewing gear.

I got everything out and started measuring, cutting and pining.

Then I unpacked the sewing machine, spent an hour reading up on how to thread it again. Got my practice piece out and remembered why I have not sewn in a few years. The machine sews fine on the top and nothing on the bottom. So I had to pack everything up for now. This is what my dining room looked like.

I am calling a repair place tomorrow to get it in. Preparing everything today got me excited about making things again and I want to sew again.

Pictures of the day.

Since I started this earlier in the week. He will not go to sleep with out his beary bear. I find him like this every time.


AmyGabbard said...

I did load the bobbin correctly just like the manual suggests. Thanks for the reminder. I really think it is a setting or something needs a replacment.

Anonymous said...

Can you come do my little mans room . H

Kelly Z said...

Amy, Where did you find a pattern for the Nap Mat? I'm a grandmother that needs to make two covers quickly. Any help would be appreciated.