Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nap Mat 2

Earlier I looked over the online free nap mat pattern and it just didn't look right. The cover was over sized and rigged version. So while doing my grocery shopping today I found a pattern for a nap mat. I opened it and looked over it tonight. Other than the sewing word "Baste" I understand all of it. If anyone knows what that means could you let me know. I have a little over month to make it. I am going to get all the supplies for it and getting out the sewing machine tomorrow.


Jaime said...

I *think* baste is just a loose stitch that you will take out after you do the real stitch. I *think* it's to help hold something together while you do other stitching... Anyone know if that's right? You could google it. I google everything! :-)

AmyGabbard said...

I just googled it and you are correct. I will blog my adventure with the nap mat.