Sunday, January 11, 2009

Emotionally Loaded Day

Even though I have known and I have had time to let it sink in it was still a tough day. Tim explained it well on his blog. Our pastor is not just a pastor to us.

In Tim's Words:

"Today Pastor also shared that he is resigning from LFA. February 22 will be his last Sunday as Pastor, he is retiring from ministry. I have known about it for a while (2 months) and keeping it quiet has been a challenge. Today I experienced sadness but also a little loneliness. I have worked for Pastor for 5 years and he is more than just a Pastor. He is someone I can trust in, believe in and he has cared for me and giving me the opportunity to grow. I have been blessed being around him and I am a better person because of him."

I also had the privilege to be in service today. A whole service. I needed it and Pastor preached a great message.

While writing this tonight it made me think of Pastor and how he came to the hospital when both of my boys were born. He also dedicated my boys.

This is a picture right after Karson was born. Kaden was really upset right after Karson was born about what the nurses were doing to his baby brother. Pastor took Kaden to the gift shop and let Kaden pick out a Beanie Bear for himself and one for Karson. That Beanie Bear is very special to Kaden.

He is more than just a Pastor.


Jaime said...

Oh, wow! Did he say why? What does he plan to do now? I can't even imagine LFA without him, but I know God will bless you guys with a special man to continue to teach and lead.

AmyGabbard said...

He is retiring from Ministry. He is praying about where God is leading him and his family.

Grannie said...

You and Tim were sent to Longview to work under this man of God. I cannot express how much wisdom and love I have seen him pour into you two. Your lives have been so enriched ny him. I'm praying.