Friday, January 23, 2009

Night and Day

I think Karsee is confused right now the past few nights he has been up and last night it was most of the night. I tried and tried for hours to get my baby to rest. I used all the tricks in the book. Finally I think around 3 or 4 in the morning we watched a Baby Einstein video Old MacDonald which is his favorite and then he went to sleep.

Kaden was put to bed around 8:30pm and finally went to sleep around 11pm. I did read that one of his medicine side effects is trouble sleeping. So I did not really get much sleep last night.

Tim got up early with Kaden and let me sleep in but I had to get up and get ready to take Kaden in to get his hair cut. Tim kept Karson at home and Kaden and I had some one on one bonding time. After Kaden got his hair cut we returned some movies and enjoyed a nice Vietnamese lunch together at Pho. Yes my 4 year old likes Pho.

When we got home Tim had Karson down for a nap so I went ahead and took one too. Much needed and helped me get through the day.

I am hoping for a better night. Also Kaden is having trouble taking his liquid breathing treatment. It does not taste very well and he spits it out which is a new trick. If he doesn't take it I am going to have to call the doctor to get the machine and mask thing. Please pray he starts taking it. Thank you for reading I know it was a bunch of rambling.

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Grannie said...

We are praying! I remember those times...although we were so BLESSED as our children did not have some of the challenges your little ones are with their health. We are praying!