Friday, January 16, 2009

Ready To Get Some Rest

The past few nights have been very hard. Kaden is still sick and Karson has not been sleeping. Karson was up most of the night and I had to check on Kaden to make sure his fever was down and he had something to drink. His coughing is getting better I think the cool mist humidifier is helping with that. He has not wanted to take his medicine and says everything tastes bad so has not had an appetite either. Yesterday I had a full dropper of medicine all over me 3 times from Kaden spitting out. So today I filled up his cup and stirred in his medicine. It worked so I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Bottle Update: Karson is taking a cup very well during the day. Tonight I tried to put him to sleep many times with failed attempts so I decided to just rock him and talk to him and sing and he looked up at me and said baba. Needing sleep I gave in and made him one. He gulped it down and we rocked a little longer and he went to sleep right away. I gave in. That is what lack of sleep will do sometimes.
I have been taking vitamin c drops like crazy so I will stay well.

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Grannie said...

Praying for you guys!!