Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kaden came home wearing a reminder sticker for the Art and Literacy Fair at his school on Tuesday night. Kaden really wanted to go but I wasn't sure with Karson recovering if we would be able to. Kaden showed me those big brown puppy dog eyes and was almost in tears when I told him I wasn't sure if I would be able to go. Karson started feeling better yesterday and sounds so much better and getting his appetite back. He does have what I call the steroid grumpies but he should be over those soon.

With Karson feeling much better we attended the Art and Literacy Fair last night. I was glad we were able to and I really enjoyed it. There were different activities all over the school. Kaden enjoyed leading the way.

In the Art room there were art supplies and magazine clippings for the kiddos to work with.

Karson said "I draw choo choo train".

Kaden drew a penguin named Pingu.

All around the school the students art was up in the hallways.

Kaden called this "the snake".

All of the art went with a book theme.

The book walk.

In the library there was a silent cake auction with children's book themes.

Karson's Favorite's

This was better in person.

Karson's favorite book.

How to train your dragon

Kaden's favorite he loves penguins.

I want to say how proud I am of Kaden. In December his teacher sent home a note that he was at a reading level 4 and at the end of January he needed to be a level 8. His teacher sent home a packet of books to read every night. Kaden has been reading every night. I got a letter yesterday from his teacher that he is now reading at a level 8 and that all his work at school and at home has paid off. Go Kaden!


Grannie said...

AMY loved the pictures!!! What a wonderful experience...I love the ideas you shared in the library..SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad Kars is feelingbetter. I have a 'care' package coming to the Gabbards in on the lookout for it

Tim Gabbard said...

It was so much fun, and that penguin cake was awesome!

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