Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yesterday was Karson's first day of school. The report from his teacher when I picked him up was he had a blast and is a charm to have in the class. I am so proud of my little guy he walked right into his class gave hugs and kisses and said goodbye. This morning when I dropped him off he looked so cute with his backpack on walking to his class.

Karson telling me "no pictures".

Karson and Daddy

Rockstar pose

Karson with his teacher he was so happy to show her his valentines for his class.

Love this dude!


Dianna said...

That little man is growing up!!! He is adorable...love you guys...as you know Tim and Joe and company breezed in and breezed out...

Tim Gabbard said...

Holding back the tears, great post!

Lori said...

Amy he is so cute and getting so grownup. I was looking at pictures of Luke when he was 3 and I miss those days, but time moves on and we have to too. At least that's what I am telling myself.