Sunday, February 6, 2011

Karson had his surgery on Friday. When we got there to check in and the nurse started checking his weight, blood pressure, and trying to put the red light thing on that checks his oxygen Karson got very upset but once we got into our Pre Op room he calmed down and enjoyed watching a Elmo video and playing leapster. When the nurse came in to take him back he went right to her and went into surgery. He is a tough little guy I am so proud of him. He was in surgery for 35 min. during the surgery he had a flare up and had to have a breathing treatment thankfully the staff was ready. After the surgery we got to go home pretty fast.

Karson has been resting well. He is still pretty croupy and sounds congested and also has had a fever. Hopefully he will be back to his playful self soon.

Karson with his Daddy

He really liked the leapster.

The hospital provided a Elmo video.

I loved the dinosaur bed. Karson wanted to ride the dinosaur.

Karson went right to the nurse and this is when he went back for surgery.

Uncle Joe, Aunt Ronnin, Jace and Justus got Karson these cute balloons and animal cookies. Karson loved it!


Tim Gabbard said...

I am so proud of him, he is such a strong little guy! And he has a great mom!

Lori said...

Amy, so glad the surgery is done and that it went well. Praying for good things as you move forward. Poor little Karson has been through a lot.

Grannie said...

WOW...that little Kars looks so sweet....I believe a new beginning for the little guy. And such a strong-brave guy...wonder where he gets such strength??? Thanks for the pictures...we send hugs and kisses

Amy Gabbard said...

Thank you Lori. Me too.

Amy Gabbard said...

Thank you Grannie. He is a very strong little guy.