Friday, February 18, 2011

Last year I was Kaden's room mom but this year I decided to just be a volunteer and enjoy the parties with Kaden. On Valentines day after Tim and I took Karson to school and had a Valentine lunch date I went to Kaden's party. The room moms this year have done a great job making the parties special. Each student brought a box for their valentine cards. The creative crafty side of me just didnt have time with Karson's surgery and recovery so I let Kaden pick out a box that included valentines at the store. Next year I will do the homemade thing. I got a ton of cute ideas from the party. I was also glad to see Kaden didn't have the only store bought box.

Valentine Bingo

Kaden won the hot potato game.
He said "Karson should have it because his class didn't have a party". He won flash cards. :)

I am so thankful I get to experience these moments with my boys.

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So nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1