Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family Movie Night

I did not really have a theme for tonight just dinner and a movie. Tim came home and made a wonderful dinner while Kaden and I worked hard breaking and making some mini fudge cookies.

Karsee is sick tonight he has a viral rash on his face that is spreading down to his feet with fever. It looks worse than it is. It does not seem to bother him much he is just tired, cuddly, and contagious.

Kaden enjoyed the Kong Fu Panda movie and thought he was Po while getting ready for bed. He has some good Kung Fu moves I just hope he does not try them on his little bro.

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Grannie said...

How sweet...I'm sure the cookies were yummy!! Glad to hear your week end had such a good start with Tim's 'dinner' and the move. Hope Karsee is feeling better! Look forward to seeing everyone...