Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Update

Thursday = Lunchtime Chilli Cook off in Kilgore. Our Friend Jason is a great chilli cooker and I think got 6th place out of a hundred cooks. If I have all the facts wrong sorry Jason.

Saturday= Kidstation Birthday Party and Youth Bonfire, Cookout, Hayride. My 4 year old kept me laughing all night. He is a ball of energy mixed with excitement I wish was contagious at times. Fun night of making your own hot dog and smores over the fire which I like doing. Thank you Jackie for having us and making some good cookies.

Sunday=I had scheduled myself to be in the service for the first time in two months but had someone call in the last minute so I was a little disappointed I did not get to go. There is a little honesty I am not sure I should share.
Last night I found a sitter for the boys so I could attend our leaders meeting. I really needed it and Tim did a great job speaking. I think he really touched on a subject that so many leaders struggle with - Raising up the next leader and working yourself out of a job. Thank you Suzanne for watching my boys and taking good care of them. I could tell they had a great time.

Monday= Cool rainy fall day and we will be at home all day.

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Grannie said...

Good for you Amy don't forget to take care of your self not just physically-but emotionally and spiritually!