Saturday, November 22, 2008


On Wednesday night we headed to Dallas a little Early for Thanksgiving I have not had time to Blog.

Thursday: After Karson kept me up till 2:30am because he thought the drive to Dallas was a nice nap we got some rest Thursday morning. For lunch I took the boys to Eat a Thanksgiving lunch with their Grannie the Queen of Books and see the book fair at her school. Kaden picked out a Batman book and Karson a light up Nativity book. The boys took a cute picture with Grannie but I have not had my Camera with me so sorry this post will not contain any pictures. Thursday afternoon we headed to Mesquite and spent the afternoon with my Nanny and my Mom.

Friday: We spent the day with my Nanny and my Mom and did some shopping.

Saturday: Shopping --- The boys were so tired but were pretty good considering what I put them through. I also did some Thanksgiving cooking for the Elam Family Thanksgiving we are going to tomorrow.

I promise to start posting some pictures of our Thanksgiving vacation. Good Night

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Grannie said...

So glad you were able to come see me in the Kingdom of Reading...even though it was very hectic. That pretty much is a typical day in the library-except the BookFair....but phones rining, people wanting to check in and out coming in for lessons and books, etc. Seeing the boys was the highlight of the highlight of the week!