Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Shopping List Today

- Clorox Wipes

- Saltine Crackers

- Sprite

- Gatoraid

- Pedialite

- Soup

What does this mean. We are all sick. I got up and got ready for Church this morning and actually went and then realized we were not feeling as well as I thought. I made sure the nursery was covered and then headed home. Karsee has been sick since last Monday thankfully I got him home in time this morning before the sickness started up again.


Jaime said...

Not fun! I hope you guys all feel better quickly!

Holly Young said...

Same thing going on in my house. Tori had strep throat over the weekend and Matt and I have both not been feeling well. Hope you guys all get better, and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Grannie said...

AMY! So sorry to hear about the sickos as Tim called ya guys. Read my comments on Lori's b;og. Both Glen and I had the 'sickness' too. I have not been that sickin a long time! I feel your painnnnn.