Saturday, November 1, 2008

Light House Adventure Night

Yesterday was a busy day for us. Kaden had his 4 year check up which was much more involved than the past few years. I think it took us two hours from start to finish. Before we left Kaden had to have 4 shots. Kaden looked so sad after his shots that the nurses gave him stickers, candy, and a ball.

Then I took the boys with me to vote. Sorry no horror story of long lines here.

But the best part of our day was going to the
Light House Adventure Night.

Karsee and his friend from chruch they smile when they see each other.

Highlights of our night:

- Kaden saw someone in a bigfoot costume and said "I told you bigfoot was real".
- Kaden and Karson in the jumphouse together.
- Karson yelling "Baba" from one house to another because he was ready for a bottle.
- Seeing our Church out in the community.
- Seeing so many families I didn't know.

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