Sunday, May 17, 2009

7 Years

7 years ago today was my wedding day. I remember spending weeks and weeks planning and only thinking about that day. I remember the first time Tim and I walked through the place we would have our wedding. I remember waking up at 6am that morning and it was storming not a good sign for a outside wedding but it ended up being a nice spring evening. It was a beautiful wedding and just like I imagined it. Before I knew it it was over and now is a beautiful distant memory. Our first year was an experience and so was our first place (another blog post in itself). I look at where we are now and how God has blessed us. I can say these seven years have shaped me into who I am today. I love you Tim and even though this day can be lost in the shuffle and business of our life I am so happy I have been blessed to spend 7 years married to you.

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Jaime said...

What great pictures! Your dress is gorgeous and you look beautiful! Congrats on 7 years! Here's to many, many more! May God continue to bless y'all's marriage!