Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Prep work for the big day.

Some days as a Mom you clean up a mess and then kiss a booboo and then make a bed and then have to judge who took the toy from who or who started it and then pick up a toy you just stepped on and then do bath time and end up soaked more than the kids you were bathing and then put tired kiddos to bed.

AND THEN there are the other days when you wake up and make birthday cards for Daddy because we love him so much.

AND THEN make a video singing happy birthday.

AND THEN make a special trip to the store to buy a brownie mix and icecream for Daddy.

AND THEN cut many strips of paper to make chains because Kaden has cool ideas like that.

AND THEN cook dinner while the boys are quietly playing together and SHARING.

Monday was such a nice day the boys and I shared together I loved having so many little helping hands to make a Birthday special for Tim.

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