Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Find - Leap Frog DVD's

A couple of years ago I bought this DVD for Kaden. He watched it all the time and knew most of his letters and the sounds they make going into Pre-K. At his Pre-school graduation his teacher recommended it to the parents who's kid's were struggling with letter recognition and sounds. Kaden still likes to watch it. You can find the Leap Frog series at Target and Walmart for around $10.00.

Kaden has been struggling with number recognition so I bought the Leap Frog Math Circus. We are working on a number a week right now till he can recognize 1-10. He has no problem counting to 20 but recognizing number 6-10 has been hard for him. The 6,8,9 all look alike to him.

There are a few more Leap Frog DVD's that help with early reading skills too.

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Starr said...

We love those DVD's around here too! My oldest practically taught himself to read watching the letter factory. One day a jar of peanut butter was sitting on the table and he sounded out J-I-F. Crazy! :-)