Sunday, May 31, 2009

LFA Picnic

Our church picnic was today and it was fun! Good food, games, and people around.

Karson did not want to wear his hat.

The 3 legged race.

The little guys grin is sweet.

LFA X Games

Fun picnic = A dirty Kaden and a pooped Karson

The Race.... It was funny but my laugh is annoying so I would advise you turn down the sound.

After the picnic Kaden played across the street in a kiddie pool with like 7 neighborhood kids. We met a new neighbor that has a boy a couple of months younger than Kaden. They got along great. I think he has a new friend. After all that Tim and Kaden went to the movies to see Up tonight. Kaden was so excited about it. When he came home he said "the TV screen was fuge" meaning huge.
I stayed home with Karson and we had a good time playing chase and giving piggy back rides.


Tim Gabbard said...

That sack got the best of me, what a fun day.

Katherine Elam said...

That picture of Kaden with a blue toothy grin was priceless!

Joe Gabbard said...

Amos, I fell out of my chair watching Tim bring "sexy back" to the sack race. Priceless Video!!!