Friday, June 19, 2009

Yard Work

The last few days I have been working in my flower beds. This yard work stuff is new to me. Growing up I wasn't allowed to help in the kitchen and my family didn't have a landscaped yard. The yard was mowed and that was it and that was not a girls job. When I got married I had to teach myself how to cook. My Nanny showed me a few things growing up about cooking but I really had to teach myself how to grocery shop, clean the house, and cook. So when I put clean out and fix flower beds on my list I knew it would be a learning process. I bought lawn bags, gloves, and a small shovel. When I first started I hated it MAN was it hot outside and full of bugs and dirt. I also give myself 30 min at a time and then take a break. I will admit I am getting the hang of cleaning them out now I have down a system. It's a slow system but it is working for me. I have also enjoyed being outside and the noises of outside. Another plus is my neighbor came by and spoke with me a little and gave me some pointers. So I think once I get these flower beds done cleaned out which go around most of my house I may be encouraged to plant something in them too. I am excited to get to post before and after pictures soon.

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