Friday, June 5, 2009

New Shoes

Kaden has needed some new shoes. He really loves Vans and Converse and it was time for some new shoes.He has been wanting to wear his high top converse with all his shorts. Not going to happen. I will admit I was not going to battle him a few times and let him wear them with shorts but only a few. I started shopping online and found Children's Place had some wannabe red slip on converse for 10.00 so I ordered them and while shopping a little in Tyler yesterday Tim found some wannabe vans at Old Navy for 10.00. Kaden was excited about his new shoes and I am excited about the price for 2 pair of summer shoes that I will not mind him wearing out before school starts when he will need many things for school and his birthday. ALL AT ONCE.

Kaden also stopped and put a pair on Karson. It was big brothery and so sweet to watch.

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