Friday, June 12, 2009

District Council

This week we were in Waxahachie Texas for District Council. The boys and I spent alot of time at the hotel and then went to services at night. Kaden loved kids council and even cried a little when we told him it was over. The hotel was very kid friendly too.

Housekeeping would leave the toys in neat ways for the boys.

Kaden was excited about the pool. I have to admit that I only took them once. Kaden was jumping in and Karson hated the water so I was not willing to go through that adventure again.

Every afternoon the Hotel would have snacks, cookies, and drinks. We went every afternoon.

I know I just posted about our hotel stay but that is all I had from this week. We only went to Target a couple of times and to lunch everyday. Some would say it was boring but I enjoyed it. Who can complain about not having to cook and having your cleaning done for you a couple of days.

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