Thursday, May 29, 2008


I started out today knowing I packed too much into one day. The boys and I went to the grocery store. I had a feeling half way through I should just head to the checkout when Kaden said he was ready to go home. I should have gone with that but only two times since Karson was born have I been tempted to just leave a buggy and go home and one of those was today. Everything made since when we left because both boys were silent when I pulled out of the parking lot and I looked back and they were both asleep. It was only 11:30am so nap time was a little early today.

This afternoon I took Kaden to get his hair trimmed and we had to waite an hour and fifteen minutes after our appointment time. I told myself I would stay and wait as long as the boys were doing ok. Karson slept most of that time and woke up to eat and did fine the rest of the time. Kaden played with his speed racer toys.

Kaden did much better this time he only started crying about half way through when his hair was cut around the ears and the back of his neck. He is getting to know Sherri. When we were done the boys and I headed to the coffee shop at the salon which is really cool.

So now we are home and I am about to have both boys to sleep. I am looking forward to watching Lost.

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